Sellers out there, this is for you. Yes, you can “win” a showing, and therefore increase the possibility of more prospective buyers, by doing (or not doing) the following:


1- Make the property accessible: buyers can get frustrated when they have a day or two that they can look at properties, yet, say the property they really want to see isn’t allowing showings on Tuesdays or Wednesdays, between the hours of 11AM to 3PM, or on rainy days. You get the idea. How can you get a buyer interested in your home, when the showings don’t happen? If you have a good reason as to why you can’t let an Agent/buyer in for the time they requested, by all means, accommodate the second time…if they are still looking. Otherwise, you will just lose showings, and in turn, lose a possibility of an offer.

2- Present your property in a good light:  clean the home, put away the clutter, laundry and dishes, and definitely do not smoke in a home you are trying to sell. Buyers are turned off from messy or smelly homes the minute they walk in. No one likes a smelly or dirty property. Would you?

3- Neutralize your home: how you sell your home is not how you live in your home. Do you want to appeal to the largest pool of buyers? Then, tone down any bright paint colors or design choices, remove all clutter, personal items and valuables and remove the dated wallpaper as well as any excess furniture.

4- Leave or at least step-outside for showings if you can: having the seller home, or even worse, follow the buyer and Agent around (it happens) is not only uncomfortable, but how can the buyer get an idea of the home, imagine their furniture placement, etc. when he or she feels like they are being watched? Furthermore, the seller should never talk about this and that feature of their home and try to “sell” the property, or talk when the buyer is trying to look at the property. We hear this a lot from buyers. If you can’t leave the premises, please step outside. The buyers appreciate it. In addition, if you have to be home for a showing, do not take it personally if a buyer knows right away if the property or location is not for them.