We like working with clients to reach their goal and we have our client’s best interest in mind. If you are thinking of selling, there important things you need to take into consideration…

The Price – Overpricing sells the competition as those homes look like, well, a bargain of sorts. You want to list your home at its market, fair value, price. Some people like to leave room for negotiation, but to increase your chance of an offer or even multiple offers, you want to consider what the appraiser will use as comparables and not skew too much but of course considering the upgrades, condition of the home, location, etc.

…and (not) increasing the price – No, no, no. With the exception of new construction/new homes where features can be added etc., or adding a costly feature to the home post-listing (new windows, new roof, finishing the basement, paver driveway/patio, etc.) increasing the price after listing just because doesn’t really make sense and it can be confusing to buyers (are they desperate for more money? what caused the increase? did they get offers that were too low? so on and so on).

Showing/Selling the Home…the way you live in it –  This doesn’t apply to our  current clients who have such well maintained homes that show so well. It is often said “one doesn’t sell the home the way the live in it.” De-personalizing, de-cluttering and cleaning a home can mean the difference between and offer or no offer. Are there bold / very specific paint color or decor? Chances are buyers have viewed more than one home and if one is not that clean, has items all over the floors, countertops, personal items all over, and different, bright paint colors in ever room, they might think that the home is not that well cared for, is too specific, and make an offer for the home that shows better. If you truly want to sell, you will probably move anyway, so get a start on packing even before listing.