It’s August, one of the busiest months to move. July and August are popular months to move for a variety of reasons: families with kids may want to get their kid(s) registered for (the new) school in time, some professions have summers off (teachers, etc.) and have more time, some people are able to take off more time in the summer, etc. and in certain climates, the weather is more enjoyable. Expect to pay more to move these months, especially the beginning and end of the month and on the weekends. Of course, each moving co. may vary, but you may want to move mid-week to lessen costs. As such, many movers are booked a month or so in advance for this time of year. However, you may luck out, if you have a small move.


Moving can be hectic, especially if you are transporting a lot of items. If you plan on selling items, you can start on notifying your Agent (and he and she can inform the other Agent and the buyer(s) about what you are planning to sell – maybe they are looking and will purchase an item or two). Selling items (if you are generous, just keeping them) to the buyers of your property can be a win-win for both. Neither of you have to move it.

Here is a moving checklist that you may find helpful.

I am a pretty organized person, especially when it comes to knowing where my belongings are; movers complemented me on how “good of a packer and mover” I was, which was nice to hear. My moving method: labeling each box (making sure it is full) with the room in which the items belong and then label each box out of the total number of boxes…and making sure fragile boxes are obviously noted as such.

If you plan on moving yourself, check out Budget and Penske trucks as well as U-haul and see who also has the most convenient pick-up and drop-off locations for you. If you are moving one-way, it is not uncommon for the moving truck companies to have a minimum amount for you to pay. For example, depending on how far you are moving, they could charge you a certain amount of days regardless, estimated on distance and mileage from point a to point b. If you are moving locally and don’t have a lot of (big) furniture (college students, etc.) (don’t know of any rental company that does this outside of local boundaries), you may even want to consider renting a utility van or mini van.