TEN WAYS TOdecoratewith plants

Having plants in your home provides various benefits, including purifying the air and increasing oxygen levels. What everyone should know, however, is that many plants are toxic to pets. For a full list of what plants and flowers to not have around pets, please make sure to check out ASPCA’s list of toxic and non-toxic plants.

These are some plants that are safe for dogs and cats that I chose to have around and why…

  • Areca Palm – This plant is safe for dogs and cats and releases moisture into the air, while also helping to purify the air.
  • Money plants – They are safe for cats and dogs. Additionally, they help reduce various toxins from the air, purifying the air and increasing overall air quality.
  • Donkey’s Tail (or Burro’s Tail) Succulent – Not all succulents are safe for pets, however this one is. Succulents are great because they grow pretty fast and are easy to take of.

Boston Ferns are safe for dogs and cats. However, there are various types of ferns, not all are safe. I have not seen a Boston Fern at the garden center’s I have been to, they were all other types, so make sure to check.

The following are just some of the many plants and flowers that are unsafe/toxic/harmful for pets. For a full list, please click here:  Aloe vera, autumn crocus, bird-of-paradise, carnations, daffodils, gladiolas, hosts, ivy, lillies,  orchid, poinsettia, saga palm, tulips and more.

Please always make sure to do your own research before making any decisions regarding any pet-safe or toxic plants, food, etc.