Shopper’s remorse. Buyer’s remorse. Seller’s remorse. It could happen. Before you even contact a Realtor, list your house, get it looking in its best condition possible and accommodate showings, make sure you indeed want to sell your home! 

Once in a while, once an offer arrives, a seller(s) decides that he or she (or they) no longer want to sell.  Why list your home if you do not want to move or sell? On the flip side, if you are a buyer, why start looking at properties before you even know if you are approved for a loan, let alone for how much?

I am not one to waste anyone’s time, and with that being said, I respect people’s time, money and efforts. When I spend time, money and our efforts doing my job (bringing buyers/offers for our seller) when people haven’t made sure they indeed want to buy or sell, or finding buyers homes that they ultimately learn they can’t afford, it hurts. That isn’t how I work.