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Chicago Ranks Among Top Cities For Building Wealth

Bankrate scored 21 major metropolitan markets taking into consideration savable income after taxes, human capital, access to financial services, homeownership rates and debt burdens. Cities have different ways of building wealth. For example, one might have a high cost of home ownership, while one may allow for more savable income after taxes.













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Southwest Suburbs: Birthplace of Chicago Video

Host and writer Geoffrey Baer travels by train, tugboat and 1958 Edsel as he takes viewers on a journey through the Southwest Suburbs.

It’s a part of Chicago that’s full of surprises. It’s home to a 28-square-mile forest with a rock canyon. It’s home to major league soccer and minor league baseball. It’s also home to a bustling industrial canal where mariners navigate a Panama Canal-sized lock past a hundred-year-old hydroelectric dam. This modern waterway follows the path of a 19th century canal that first connected the Great Lakes to the Mississippi. That earlier canal transformed Chicago from an isolated trading post on the edge of the American frontier into the fastest-growing city in the history of the world.


America’s Greenest Cities

America’s Greenest Cities (yes, Chicago made the list)

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Mother Nature Network (MNN) recently ranked the top 10 greenest cities in America based on several key measurements. This green ranking got me curious about current homes for sale, so I went window shopping on coldwellbanker.com to find some amazing green homes.

Austin, Texas ranked No. 10 on MNN’s greenest cities list.

Single story David Weekley "Dodie" Green Home with a relaxing fr

9550 Savannah Ridge Dr #10, Austin, TX. Listed by Dorie & Gene Dillard. Coldwell Banker United, Realtors.

This craftsman style home is certified under the Environments for Living Program for optimum energy and meets Energy Star certification.

Austin, TX 2

206 Timberline Rd, Georgetown, TX. Listed by Lisa Hassel. Coldwell Banker United, Realtors.

This new construction home has a hot water recirculating system, not to mention a huge kitchen.

Chicago, Ill. ranked No. 9 on the greenest cities in America list.


Chicago 2

206 Timberline Rd, Georgetown, TX. Listed by Lisa Hassel. Coldwell Banker United, Realtors.

This Old Town neighborhood eco-friendly home even has a green roof over the garage.