Safety Precautions When Your Home Is Listed

I saw a great post by the Association of REALTORS® and I wanted to share some important safety advice that we share with clients. Before photos are taken of your home, in advance of any showings, remove and hide personal items, including but not limited to:

– prescriptions

– mail/bills

– work

– jewelry

– keys

– family photos and anything with names on it

– anything of great value/great sentimental value, hierlooms, etc.

While buyers are looking at your property, imagining where furniture would go, etc., you just will want to make sure the items above (and anything else you feel should be removed – use your own judgment) are removed, as a precaution. When you are selling your home, chances are you are still living in the home but also have to make it showing-ready for when you get a call about an Agent’s buyer interested in seeing your property. It should be fairly easy to remove or hide these items at each showing, or if you have an open house.

If you are selling your home with us, as it is with most, homes are shown by appointment only. Sellers, with your listing online and whether or not you have a sign in your yard, you may still get people who drive by/knock on your door wanting information about your property or wanting to view the property. The best thing to tell these people is to call your agent (number will be on the sign, if there is one in your yard) or their Agent, if they have one, to arrange an appointment. For your safety, you should never just let someone walk through your home.

Of course, use your own judgment, this is not an all-inclusive list.