Prepping Your Home To Sell

Here are some of my recommendations on how to get ready for your house to be on the market…

Free your countertops, floors, fireplaces, etc. of trinkets and other things that are not needed. Box them up. Sometimes there is also extra and unnecessary furniture out as well. That could make a room appear more closed in and smaller.
Take your memories with you
Buyers have to picture themsleves in the home they are looking at. When a home is very personalized, either in terms of designing style (that doesn’t appear to the mass buyer), or in terms of having photos and memoriabilia throughout the house, it distract the buyer. It appears still as your home. Remove excessive photos and memoriabilia to aid the buyer in imagine your current home and the buyer’s new home.
Tone down loud or unique wall colors or wallpaper
You may want to tone down vibrant paint colors and opt for a white, off white, cream or beige instead to better appeal to various buyers. Additionally, if you have wallpaper, you may want to take it down before your house goes on the market. Some buyers will not like to do extra work come move-in time.
Clean floors, carpet, countertops, etc.
A dirty house is a turn-off for buyers. Show that you care for the house.
Curb appeal is just as important as the inside of the house
Don’t forget about everything on the outside of your house. A first impression is sometimes the most important as it could set the mood for the buyer. Sweep the porch, trim the bushes, paint the mailbox, replace the garage door lights, etc.